SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions are used in numerous sectors for making industrial pipe repairs

Where SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions are used

SylWrap provide industrial pipe repair, reinforcement, and protection solutions for infrastructure operators, utility suppliers, multinational corporations and government departments as well as small businesses and individuals.

The reach of SylWrap is vast because pipes transcend so many industries and sectors. Pipes provide water, heat, chemicals and power. All of these can be repaired using SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions.

SylWrap is as effective on a domestic copper kitchen pipe as it is a 900mm steel pipe in an oil well or a burst water main buried deep underground as part of the public supply network. Repairs can be made in under 30 minutes without the need for any formal training.

Each SylWrap Solution is designed and manufactured by Sylmasta LTD from their site in the United Kingdom. Sylmasta work closely with companies in the following industries, assessing their requirements and supplying the pipe repair solutions they need to ensure that their critical infrastructure continues working to a high standard.

Sectors & Industries Served by SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions

Water Utilities Industry

Several UK water companies used SylWrap Kits for making live leak repairs to the public water supply. SylWrap is also approved by the national supplier in Malaysia for use on Kuala Lumpur’s vast pipe network.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment plants keep SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions on-site for making rapid repairs in case of emergency, preventing potentially catastrophic environmental incidents from unfolding.

Power Plants

When critical pipework in a power plant fails, SylWrap Products provide pipe repair solutions capable of withstanding extreme conditions which can be applied without the need for a costly, time-consuming and disruptive shutdown of power.

Oil & Gas Pipelines

Oil, gas and pipelines carrying harmful chemicals are strengthened and refurbished using the Sylmasta Pipe Repair System, extending their lifespans by protecting against future breaches caused by corrosion or chemical attack.

Industrial, Factory & Workshop Pipe Repair

Pipes are found everywhere in industrial, factory and warehouse environments and when leaks occur, SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions help return systems to working order quickly by offering a permanent repair alternative to replacing systems.

Hospitality & Leisure Industry, Public Buildings

SylWrap supply pipe repair solutions to public buildings and those in the leisure and hospitality industries, enabling leaks to be fixed quickly and easily without the need of a plumber, minimising disruption to businesses and customers.

Farm & Agriculture

Farm and agriculture sites contain many types of pipes for different purposes. As well as repair, these pipes benefit from SylWrap Solutions providing protection from and reinforcement against their harsh working environment.

Plumbing & Heating

SylWrap enables rapid live leak repairs to be made to plumbing and heating pipes, including domestic plumbing, district heating and large-scale central heating of public buildings, ensuring that interruptions to supplies are kept to a minimum.

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