Completed repair of a 450mm leaking waste water pipe
SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions make rapid live leak repairs to burst and leaking sewer pipes in wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater Treatment & Sewer Pipe Repair

SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions are used by wastewater treatment plants to repair and refurbish damaged sewer pipes, preventing the harmful and hazardous leak of contaminated water.

When pipelines fail in wastewater treatment works, the consequences can be severe. Leaks and bursts pose a danger to human health, are bad for the environment, and costly in monetary and reputational terms.

Companies who do not treat or dispose of wastewater safely can be hit with severe fines, not to mention the damage done to their name if they are responsible for a serious environmental incident.

There are many reasons why a sewer pipe repair might be required. Pipelines in wastewater treatment plants can burst or leak through wear and tear. Contractors may inadvertently cut into a wastewater pipe, causing a breach. Most of the time, these problems come on suddenly, meaning that wastewater plants need to be able to react quickly.

The complexity of wastewater treatment plant systems often means that isolating, repairing or replacing a damaged pipe requires an expensive and time-consuming shutdown of machinery. Water may have to be diverted and treatment ponds drained with new storage tanks found.

All of these issues are why wastewater treatment plants use SylWrap Kits to repair and maintain their systems. Repairs to highly pressurised live leaks can be made in under 30 minutes without the need for any formal training.

This ease of application and rapid work time makes SylWrap ideal for fixing dangerous leaks as soon as they occur. There is no need to source replacement parts or hire specialist contractors; simply wrap the pipe for a permanent repair.

The most popular leak repair solution for wastewater management is the Contractor Case. Each Contractor Case contains enough products to carry out up to six repairs to pipes of all types and sizes and is stored easily on-site, meaning that in emergencies, the wastewater treatment plant simply reaches for their Case to carry out a fast, live leak repair.

Prevention is of course better than a cure. Refurbishing and strengthening wastewater pipes before they fail avoids all the associated problems that come with a burst or leak. The four-stage Sylmasta Pipe Repair System process can be used to protect and reinforce pipes, extending their lifespan and reducing the chances of future system failure.

Wastewater Pipe Repairs made using SylWrap Solutions

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