Completed repair of a 450mm leaking waste water pipe

Waste Water Treatment Plant Pipe Repair

SylWrap Pipe Repair Products are used by waste water treatment works to repair damaged sewer pipes and prevent the harmful leak of hazardous contaminated water.

The ease with which SylWrap solutions can be applied and their quicking working time makes them ideal for repairing potentially dangerous leaks as soon as they occur.

When pipelines fail in a water treatment works, the consequences can be servere. If a waste water pipe unexpectedly bursts, it can allow contaminated water to escape into the environment. This is hazardous human health, bad for the environment and costly in monetary terms. Companies who do not dispose of waste water safely can be hit with severe fines, not to mention the reputational damage that such an incident can cause.

There are many reasons why a sewer pipe repair might be required. Pipleines in treatment plants can burst or begin leaking through wear and tear, hardly a surprise given the vast quanitities of waste water that they’re dealing with. Contractors may inadvertently cut into a waste water pipe, causing a damaging breach. Most of the time, these problems will come on suddenly, meaning that waste water facilities need to be able to react quickly before they get out of hand.

The complexity of waste water treatment plant systems often means that isolating, repairing or replacing a damaged pipe requires an expensive and time consuming shutdown of machinery. Water may have to be diverted and treatment ponds drained with new storage tanks found.

All of these issues are why waste water treatment plants have begun to take stock of SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits, with the most popular solution being the Contractor Case. Each case contains enough products to carry out several repairs to pipes of all types and sizes. The kits are effective inside of 30 minutes, even when flow cannot be turned off.

When a treatment works has a Contractor Case on site, they know that should a pipeline unexpectedly fail and an emergency repair be required, they have all the equipment needed to fix the problem as soon as it arises. There is no need to source products or find a specialist to carry out a repair.

Away from waste water treatment plants, several water companies have also began keeping the Contractor Case on their vans, allowing their contractors to carry out emergency sewer pipe repairs while out on the road.

Here are some of the repairs that SylWrap Pipe Repair solutions have carried out at waste water treatment plants.

An emergency pipe repair carried out on a leaking 450mm waste water pipe at a Water Treatment Works in the United Kingdom
450mm Waste Water Pipe Live Leak Repair
An emergency pipe repair carried out on a leaking 450mm waste water pipe at a Water Treatment Works in the United Kingdom

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