Insulation lagged pipe repaired using Wrap & Seal Pipe Burst Tape
SylWrap Pipe Repair solutions are used to make live leak repairs to all types of pipes found in farm and agriculture

Farm and Agriculture Pipe Repair

Farm and agriculture sites contain many different types of pipework and when these systems fail, SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions return them to working order to minimise disruption.

On the industrial side, farms have pipes which supply water, take away waste, and ensure they can operate effectively. Sites are also turning towards self-sufficiency, with pipes needed in biomass plants which supply power to both the farm and in some instances, sell surpluss energy to the national grid.

Many farms are also homes which may even be open to the public. The people who work, live on, or visit a farm need access to basic water requirements, as any lived-in property does.

On a site where heavy machinery is present such as a farm, these domestic pipes are more susceptible to damage, meaning that emergency pipe repair is a frequent requirement.

Because farming and agriculture is an industry which is so reliant on pipework, being able to fix problems quickly and easily is paramount – which is why SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits are growing in use within the sector.

Live leak repairs can be made to pipes of any diameter and type in under 30 minutes without the need for any formal training. Repairs are pressure resistant to 30bar and temperature resistant to 200ºC, making them effective in the most extreme of environments.

SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits have WRAS approval meaning they are certified to British standards as safe to use on pipes carrying drinking water. This makes repairs suitable for pipework supplying domestic and public areas of a site.

For farm and agriculture sites requiring reinforcement of pipes to prevent leakage from occurring, then the four-stage Sylmasta Pipe Repair System is used.

The SPRS restores surface profile, strengthens the integrity of pipelines and protects against corrosion, chemical attack and other external factors, creating the optimum repair to extend the lifespan of pipes.

SylWrap Pipe Repair products are WRAS approved, one of the highest pipe repair accreditations that a product can achieve

Farm and Agriculture Pipe Repairs made with SylWrap

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