Insulation lagged pipe repaired using Wrap & Seal Pipe Burst Tape

Farm and Agriculture Pipe Repair

Farms and agriculture sites contain many different types of pipework, all of which can be repaired and strengthened using SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits and the Sylmasta Pipe Refurbishment System with very little disruption to operations.

From an industrial perspective, farms have pipes which supply water, take away waste and transport chemicals. Many farms have turned towards self-sufficiency and renewable energy, with pipework found in systems such as biomass plants.

Farms are also homes and may open to the public. The people who work at, live on, or visit a farm need pipes to provide clean water and heating.

The abrasive and often harsh environment of a farm and the presence of heavy plant equipment means pipework is susceptible to damage, making pipe repair a frequent requirement.

And because agriculture is an industry so reliant on pipework, fixing problems quickly and easily or preventing leaks occurring in the first place is paramount.

SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits seal pipes of any diameter and substrate in under 30 minutes without the need for any training. Repairs are pressure resistant to 30 bar, temperature resistant to 120ºC and effective on water, gas and chemical pipes.

The SylWrap Contractor Case contains enough products to make up to six live leak pipe repairs. Farms with a Contractor Case on site simply need reach for the Case whenever a pipe bursts, an instant response reducing disruption and water loss.

All the products in the Pipe Repair Kit and Contractor Case have WRAS approval meaning they are certified to British standards as safe to use on pipes carrying drinking water.

Farm and agriculture sites requiring reinforcement of older pipes to prevent breaches from occurring use the four-stage Sylmasta Pipe Refurbishment System.

The SPRS rebuilds and strengthens damaged and degraded sections of pipework and protects against corrosion, chemical attack and other external factors, extending the lifespan of systems by up to 20 years.

Farm and Agriculture Pipe Repairs made with SylWrap

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