A leaking pipe in a sprinkler syystem repaired using a SylWrap Standard Pipe Repair Kit

Industrial, Factory and Workshop Pipe Repair

Pipes are found everywhere in industrial, factory and warehouse environments and when leaks occur, SylWrap Pipe Repair solutions help return systems to working order quickly.

To repair a damaged pipe in a factory or workshop can often be an extremely complicated procedure. Many pipes aren’t easily accessible, positioned against walls or located as part of roof structures.

Depending on the industry, the pipework in question might carry extreme temperatures or aggressive chemicals. Any repairs have to be able to cope with these potentially harsh conditions.

The warehouse in which the pipework is situated might have been built over 50 years ago, since when the passage of time has worn down both the building and its piping systems. Carrying out repairs in such environments is challenging.

There’s also the potential operational disruption that carrying out pipe repair in a factory can cause. Shutting down systems until a specialist is available to repair or replace the pipework in question is costly in terms of lost production time, the purchasing of new fittings and equipment and the labour required to carry out the solution.

SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits allow for pipework in industrial settings to be repaired quickly and easily and without the use of any formal training. Businesses working across a variety of sectors have used both the Standard Pipe Repair Kit and the Universal Pipe Repair Kit to fix leaks within their factories and warehouses at a fraction of what a full system replacement or repair carried out by a professional contractor would have cost.

For companies with large warehouse and workshop facilities, the SylWrap Contractor Case has become an attractive option. Each case contains enough equipment to repair up to six live leaks at a cheaper cost-per-repair than purchasing individual kits.

The Contractor Case can be easily stored on site, meaning that it is close to hand for whenever an emergency pipe repair needs to be carried out.

Here are some of the repairs that SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions have carried out in industrial, factory, warehouse and workshop environments.

The repair of a leaking sprinkler system carried out using a SylWrap Standard Pipe Repair Kit
The sprinkler system in the workshop of a furniture company developed a pinhole leak which needed to be fixed rather than replacing the damaged section

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