SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit used to repair a leaking Combined Heat and Power System

Power Plant Pipe Repair

When critical pipework in a power plant fails, SylWrap products provide proven permanent pipe repair solutions without the need for a costly and time-consuming shutdown.

Pipes are integral to the operating efficiency of power plants across the world, no matter what power source the facility is using. Should pipework fail, plants may have to shut down generators while the damaged section of pipe is repaired or replaced. This reduces a plant’s capacity to generate power, which has a direct impact on the efficiency of the network that the plant is supplying.

SylWrap Pipe Repair products provide solutions that don’t require systems to be shutdown or generators to be taken out of service. They are effective on pipes of all types and sizes and can be applied in under 30 minutes without any prior training, allowing for damaged pipework to be fixed as soon as a problem arises.

SylWrap technology has already been used in a range of different power plants across the world. From an on-site Combined Heat and Power System Plant at an automotive safety factory in the United Kingdom to a contaminated water pipe at a power plant owned by Puerto Rico’s national Power Authority, there is no problem too big nor small which SylWrap products can’t repair. They have excellent chemical resistance and can withstand pressure up to 30bar and temperatures of 200ÂșC, making them effective in the most extreme of environments.

The majority of SylWrap’s power plant pipe repair solutions so far have been carried out using the Universal Pipe Repair Kit which fixes leaks even when pressure cannot be turned off. This allows plants to keep their systems running while repairs are carried out.

For power plants who may need to repair or strengthen several pipelines, then the SylWrap Contractor Case is a more suitable solution. It contains enough products to carry out live leak repairs of multiple pipes and comes in an easy-to-store red case. Keeping one on-site ensures that plants have all the products they need to fix leaking pipes as soon as damage is noticed, with no need to wait for the delivery of equipment or the availability of a contractor to repair the issue.

Here are some of the repairs that SylWrap Pipe Repair solutions have carried out at power plants.

A CHP System in an on-site Power Plant in the United Kingdom is repaied using a SylWrap Pipe Repair Kit
An automotive company in the United Kingdom required a CHP System Repair after a pipe in their on-site power plant began leaking
A contaminated water pipe repair carried out in a Power Plant in Puerto Rico
A Power Plant in Puerto Rico required a live repair of a contaminated water pipe to avoid having to shutdown one of the Plant's generators

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