Repair of an underground water main carried out using SylWrap Pipe Repair products

Water Utilities

SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions are approved for use by the United Kingdom’s water utilities companies to repair live leaks on the nation’s 346,455km water network.

Prior to 2020, nearly 3 billion litres of water per day were lost to leaks. The water regulator has since told water companies that they must reduce leakage levels by 16% before the end of 2025 as part of an ambitious target of cutting the amount of water lost to leaks by half by 2050.

Which is why many water utilities companies have begun equipping their vans with SylWrap Pipe Repair Kits. As soon as a leak is identified, a contractor is able to carry out a permanent repair inside of 30 minutes to pipes of any size or material. Pressure does not need to be turned off to carry out a repair, avoiding costly and disruptive interruptions to supplies.

The speed and ease with which SylWrap can be deployed – no formal training is required – means that pipes can be repaired in a fraction of the time it would take to source replacement parts or hire an expert to carry out the job. Instead of leaving a pipe to leak precious water while that process takes place, repairs are now instant and can be made from as little as £18.77 per repair.

Southern Water, Affinity Water and Anglian Water are among those who have adopted SylWrap Contractor Cases with more set to follow.

Each case contains enough products to carry out up to six pipe repairs with the handy red case designed to slot easily under the seat of a van. Whenever a contractor is required to carry out a repair, they simply reach for their Case and 30 minutes later the leaking pipe will have been permanently repaired.

Here are some examples of emergency pipe repair carried out by water utilities companies to Britain’s water network using SylWrap products.

The repair of a leaking underground water main which had proven impossible to fix for 15 years before SylWrap came up with a solution
400mm Steel Water Main Live Leak Repair
A solution was needed for a 400mm carbon steel underground leaking water main repair in the United Kingdom which had been leaking for 15 years