SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions being used to carry out a repair in Malaysia

About SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions

SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions are industry-leading products developed and manufactured by Sylmasta LTD from their base in the United Kingdom, including a world-leading composite pipe repair production facility.

SylWrap products offer cost-effective solutions for pipe repairs and maintenance worldwide. Continued product testing and the highest quality formulations ensure that Sylmasta manufacture the best quality products.

SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions are used by desalination plants, utility companies, nuclear power stations, pumping stations, petrochemical plants, freight ships and quarry wash plants around the world. They are also suitable for domestic plumbing and dry risers.

Most of the products in the SylWrap range have been independently tested to the requirements laid down by BS 6920 and have achieved WRAS approval, meaning that they conform to Regulation 31 of The Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations, Small Surface Area Contact Ratio Product Types – Section 4(b).

With the benefit of many years of application knowledge, SylWrap products can be used to make repairs which meet the ASME standard PCC-2-2015 – Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping.

Sylmasta as a company are ISO 9001 accredited, demonstrating their dedication to high standards of consistency and quality. They are committed to continued, application-led product research and they can provide fast, customised solutions to meet specific user needs at short notice.

SylWrap Pipe Repair Solutions can be distributed worldwide and are available through standard next working day delivery in the United Kingdom.

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