A ductile pipe system in an underground pumping stage undergoes corrosion protection measures with the Sylmasta Pipe Refurbishment System

Water Company Protect 600mm Ductile Pipe System in Underground Pumping Station Against Corrosion

A water company take corrosion protection measures for a complex ductile pipe system in an underground chamber consisting of outlets, flanges and reducing spools showing signs of surface damage which would be difficult to repair with future deterioration.

Case Study Overview

Site Underground pumping station
Location United Kingdom
Pipe Type 600mm ductile pipe system
Repair Type Corrosion protection
Products Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating, SylWrap Pipe Repair Bandage

Pipe Defect

Conditions inside the damp, grimy underground pumping station were ripe for corrosion. Rainwater, dirt, sand and other contaminates could enter the chamber and settle on the pipework system, which was showing signs of exterior surface damage as a result.

The main section of pipe entered the chamber through a wall. It was 600mm diameter, five metres long and had three flanges at equal intervals. Three outlets branched off which were two metres long with reducing spools to 200mm diameter at their isolation valves.

Any future leak repair or replacing sections would be extremely challenging due to the complexity of the system. For this reason, the water company opted to protect the pipework from corrosion before further deterioration led to the line becoming breached.

Diagram of the ductile pipe system inside the underground pumping station

SylWrap Solution

Rust and dirt were removed and the entire main section, three outlets, reducing spools and all six flanges painted with Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating. Liquid Metal cured to form a smooth, metallic, hard-wearing outer surface to act as a shield against external corrosion.

The protective layer provided by Liquid Metal was further enhanced with SylWrap Pipe Repair Bandage. Four layers of SylWrap were applied, creating a rock-hard, impact resistant sleeve running as close to the flange plates as possible for maximum coverage.

Despite the space constraints where the pipework came near to the floor, the engineers making the repair were still able to successfully apply SylWrap around the bottom of the pipe.

Once the SylWrap application had been completed to four layers, another coating of Liquid Metal was added over the top as an additional corrosion prevention measure.


Liquid Metal and SylWrap Bandage combined left the pipework system with a robust outer shield protecting it from the harsh conditions inside the chamber.

The application cost a fraction of future repair or replacement. It was completed whilst the pumping station ran at full capacity with no disruption to services.

Follow Up

One year later and the water company reported there had been no signs of any deterioration to the ductile pipe after undergoing corrosion protection.

In such harsh conditions and on a pipe already showing signs of surface damage, they would normally have expected further weakening to have taken place.

Products Used

Liquid Metal
Epoxy coating brush applied to form a new metallic surface protecting pipework against corrosion

SylWrap Pipe Repair Bandage
Water-activated wrap which reinforces repairs by forming a rock-hard, impact resistant outer shell

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