SylPad Pressure Resistance Multiplier increases the pressure resistance of Wrap & Seal silicone tape when making a live leak pipe repair
SylPad Pressure Resistance Multiplier increases the pressure resistance of Wrap & Seal silicone tape when making a live leak pipe repair

SylPad Live Leak Pipe Repair Pressure Resistance Multiplier

SylPad is used in conjunction with Wrap & Seal Pipe Burst Tape to increase pressure resistance during the live leak repair of holes up to 20mm on larger diameter pipework.

It is placed over the hole being sealed during the application of Wrap & Seal, where it will stick to the Tape without the need for any adhesive.

As further layers of Wrap & Seal are applied over SylPad, it changes the angle of the Tape against the hole. SylPad directs more of the elastic force downwards, better concentrating the pressure resistance of Wrap & Seal directly over the leak.

Depending on pipe size, nature of the leak and repair quality, SylPad can increase the pressure resistance of Wrap & Seal by up to three times.

It makes the Tape more effective, reduces the number of Wrap & Seal required to reach high pressure resistance and speeds up repair time.

SylPad is used with large Wrap & Seal (PB-50x4HD) or X-Large Wrap & Seal (PB-50x11HD) on pipes in excess of 150mm, where changing the angle of the Tape is of benefit.

It is also provided as standard in SylWrap Universal Pipe Repair Kits 633 and 866, and in all SylWrap Pipe Repair Contractor Cases covering pipework 150mm upwards.


How to increase live leak repair pressure resistance with SylPad

Wrap & Seal is made from self-amalgamating silicone and stretches by 300 percent. As it is wrapped around a pipe, it fuses to form a solid rubber band which seals live leaks.

To use SylPad in conjunction with Wrap & Seal, the repair area is first marked with a pen. Wrap & Seal is then anchored 50mm to the side of the leak, before being wrapped towards the hole with a 50 percent overlay.

Once the leak is reached, the Tape is wrapped directly over it to build up layers. After two layers, SylPad is pushed onto the Tape covering the exact location of the hole as denoted by the pen.

SylPad has been designed to adhere to Wrap & Seal for ease of replacement. The Tape is then wrapped on top of SylPad, with greater pressure now directed over the leak rather than spread outwards.

Application of Wrap & Seal continues directly over the leak, building up a ridge. As each layer of Tape fuses to the previous, so the pressure resistance of the repair increases.

If water is still seeping from the pipe after one Wrap & Seal is finished, additional Tapes are applied until the leak has been completely sealed. It is possible to use multiple Wrap & Seals fusing together to build resistance up to 30 bar.

Because SylPad is contained within layers of Wrap & Seal and does not come into contact with pipe fluid, it does not require WRAS approval for use with potable water.


  • Repairs to pipes in excess of 150mm diameter where pressure cannot be turned off
  • Sealing high pressure live leaks on water networks
  • Industrial live leak repairs, including wastewater treatment works, quarry wash plants, dry risers, petrochemical plants, nuclear power plants, oil rigs, farms, hotels, and breweries


  • Specifically designed to be compatible with Wrap & Seal, adhering directly to the Tape for ease of application
  • Increases pressure resistance whilst reducing number of Wrap & Seal Tapes required, speeding up repairs
  • Quick and easy to apply – repairs can be made in under 30 minutes

Technical Data

Pressure Resistance:
Increases pressure resistance of one Wrap & Seal Tape by up to three times, depending on pipe size, nature of leak and repair quality.

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