SylWrap has been reformulated to a low free diisocyanate pipe repair bandage

SylWrap LH: Low Hazard Pipe Repair Bandage with Diisocyanate Level Below 0.1%

SylWrap LH is the new low hazard formulation for the SylWrap range of composite repair wraps, containing less than 0.1% free diisocyanate to make pipe repair safer, greener and more convenient.

The reformulation of SylWrap was undertaken in response to the introduction of EU and UK REACH legislation governing the use of products containing greater than 0.1% free diisocyanates.

Since August 24th 2023, such products can only be handled by an operator who has undergone extensive training in the safe use of diisocyanates.

Whereas anybody could previously apply a pipe repair bandage, application is now allowed only if a trained operator is available. This has significantly impacted on the ability of workforces to respond to emergencies.

Like all other moisture cured repair wraps on the market, the previous formulation of SylWrap contained over 0.1% free diisocyanate and was covered by the legislation.

Heavy investment in the reformulation of SylWrap LH has enabled Sylmasta to become the only company in the world currently manufacturing moisture cured wraps with under 0.1% diisocyanate content.

SylWrap HD Pipe Repair Bandage, SylWrap CR Corrosion Protection Wrap and SylShield Pipe Weld & Protection Wrap all now contain the new LH formulation as standard.

No diisocyanate training is required by any user before handling or application of those products. The new LH formulation makes SylWrap safer, better for the environment, and maintains the ease and speed of repair which have made SylWrap a world-leader in pipe repair.

Faster repair with SylWrap LH

SylWrap LH enables repairs to take place much faster than when using moisture cured wraps covered by the 2023 regulations governing the safe use of diisocyanate.

There is no need to check records to see which contractors have up-to-date approval to work with diisocyanates; a leaking pipe can be sealed by any member of the workforce as soon as the problem is identified.

No diisocyanate training also removes the financial burden of getting a large workforce trained. Third party online courses cost between £5 and £10 per person.

Training is extensive, time-consuming and must be repeated at regular intervals depending on local and national requirements. It is generalised and covers all types of products containing diisocyanates, meaning large elements have no relevance for handling pipe repair bandages.

SylWrap LH is better for the environment

As already noted, response times are quicker for SylWrap LH as any user can make a repair as soon as a problem is identified. This makes it a better product for protecting natural resources and the environment.

The faster a leak is sealed, the less precious water is wasted. In the United Kingdom alone, nearly three billion litres of water were lost every day on the public supply network in 2021-22, according to the sector’s latest figures.

Analysis has shown that by 2040, 12 of the 17 regions in England and Wales face the prospect of not having enough water to cater for demand. In the USA, 40 of the 50 mainland States are expected to experience water shortages in the next decade.

Every minute that a pipe is left to leak because there is no operator trained in the safe use of diisocyanates is costly to the environment. SylWrap LH plays a small part in improving the preservation of a resource which the world depends upon.

SylWrap LH reduces risk to the operator

The REACH legislation has been introduced as part of efforts to drive diisocyanates out of products. Diisocyanates are highly toxic and if airborne, their particles are easily absorbed by humans.

Users regularly exposed to diisocyanates are at risk of developing breathing-related conditions including asthma, rhinitis and dyspnea. By containing under 0.1% free diisocyanate content, SylWrap LH reduces risk to operators and makes pipe repair safer.

SylWrap LH requires no health and safety information on labels

The low free diisocyanate formulation is now safe enough to not require any hazard symbols on its labelling. No symbols increase operator confidence in the safety of the product.

Suppliers providing moisture cured composite repair wraps with greater than 0.1% free diisocyanate are required under the new regulations to clearly display on their labels the requirement for training before use.

This is an area where many manufacturers will fall foul of the rules through 2024 and beyond, with potentially damaging consequences.

LH has similar mechanical properties to the previous formulation

The reduction of diisocyanate levels has resulted in minimal changes to the mechanical properties and performance of SylWrap LH compared to the previous formulation.

LH maintains the same 2-5 work time and two-year shelf life from date of manufacture. It can be used in identical applications to the previous formulation.

The major difference between the two formulations is in temperature resistance; LH is only resistant to 120°C compared to the 250°C of the previous formulation.

For high temperatures applications, Sylmasta can still manufacture composite pipe repair wraps containing the previous formulation. Safe use of diisocyanate training is required before handling.

Switching to SylWrap LH

Any SylWrap composite wraps manufactured in supply runs before August 24th 2023 do not need to comply with the legislation and can be applied by operators without the requirement for diisocyanate training. There is no need for current SylWrap customers or distributors to return existing stock.

The new LH formulation was formally introduced by Sylmasta in October 2023 Unless has been otherwise communicated to customers and distributors by Sylmasta, all SylWrap products shipped from October 2023 onwards have been manufactured using the new LH formulation.

New clients who would like to switch to a low free diisocyanate formulation pipe repair wrap are asked to please contact Sylmasta via email or phone +44 (0)1444 831 459 for more information.

SylWrap Case Studies

SylWrap Composite Pipe Repair Wraps with Diisocyanate Content Below 0.1%

SylWrap HD Pipe Repair Bandage

SylWrap HD is a low diisocyanate, WRAS approved pipe repair bandage for reinforcing and strengthening pipes of all materials. It increases pressure resistance, chemical resistance and hoop strength.

Number of Repairs: One Per Bandage
Work Time: 2–5 minutes
Temperature Resistance: Up to 120°C
Pressure Resistance: Up to 30bar

SylWrap CR is a pipe repair wrap infused with special corrosion inhibitors to protect pipework and structures from corrosion

SylWrap CR Corrosion Protection Wrap

SylWrap CR is a pipe repair bandage infused with corrosion inhibitors to further protect pipes in harsh, aggressive environments including marine and underwater against substrate corrosion.

Number of Repairs: One Per Bandage
Work Time: 2–5 minutes
Temperature Resistance: Up to 120°C
Pressure Resistance: Up to 30bar

SylShield is an extra thick composite repair wrap used for the protection of pipe weld and pipelines undergoing trenchless installation

SylShield Pipe Weld & Protection Wrap

SylShield is three times the thickness of SylWrap. It is used to protect welds and pipelines which are subjected to intense installation processes or operate in highly abrasive environments.

Number of Repairs: One Per Bandage
Work Time: 2–5 minutes
Temperature Resistance: Up to 120°C
Pressure Resistance: Up to 30bar

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