Liquid Metal epoxy coating is used to repair surface damage of pipes and create a layer with high corrosion and chemical resistance
Liquid Metal epoxy coating is used to repair surface damage of pipes and create a layer with high corrosion and chemical resistance

Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating

Liquid Metal is a metal-filled protective epoxy coating applied to pipework to protect against corrosion and increase chemical resistance.

It is brush applied and sets to a smooth, metallic, hard-wearing layer which protects pipes made of steel, other metals and most plastics from external corrosion and chemical attack.

Liquid Metal also protects pipework from internal corrosion by creating an impermeable membrane around a pipe, capable of withstanding future breaches from inside and containing pipe content.

Coating a pipe in Liquid Metal improves surface adhesion between pipework and a composite repair wrap like SylWrap Pipe Repair Bandage added at Stage 4 of the Sylmasta Pipe Refurbishment System.

This subsequently increases the effectiveness of the protective layer provided by the composite wrap. When applied with SylWrap Bandage, Liquid Metal can also be used as a load-transfer layer providing, PCC-2 compliant repairs.

The light consistency of Liquid Metal makes it easy to mix and apply with little sag. This ease of application makes it suitable for repairing elbow joints, flanges, tanks, valves, water box ends, impellers, pump, and metal castings in industrial settings.

It is virtually odourless, with no unpleasant smell, can be easily machined and is temperature resistant to 150°C. To protect pipework exposed to temperatures in excess of 150°C, please see Titanium Supergrade HT Epoxy Paste.

Liquid Metal has a gel times of 90 minutes, allowing more Coating to be mixed and applied over large areas without the treat of premature curing. Sylmasta recommend the use of Liquid Metal for applications in hot climates and at higher ambient temperatures because of its longer work time.


How to protect pipework using Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating

Before Liquid Metal Protective Epoxy Coating can be applied, the pipework requiring protection or repair must be prepared.

All paint, rust and grime must be removed either via abrasive blasting or with sandpaper and surfaces should be dry and free of grease.

The pipe must be roughened first to improve the grip of the Liquid Metal coating to the substrate. Liquid Metal should be applied as soon as possible after preparation of the pipework.

Part A and Part B are mixed together in the ratio prescribed and then brushed over the area requiring protection.

Each coating should be 0.5-1.00 mm and at least two coats are needed to ensure a pinhole-free coating. The re-coating time between coats is approximately 5-8 hours after applying. A full functional cure is achieved 24 hours after the final coat.

When applying a composite wrap over Liquid Metal, the wrap should be applied once the layer of Epoxy Coating has gelled but remains tacky.

To determine the quantity of Liquid Metal needed for a specific application, please go to the Repair Calculator Tab and enter your repair data.


  • Protection of metal and plastic pipes in industry from external corrosion and chemical attack
  • Forming an impermeable membrane around pipework to prevent breaches caused by internal corrosion
  • Increasing adhesion between composite wraps and pipework
  • Load transfer layer when used with SylWrap Pipe Repair Bandage


  • Easy to mix and apply – simply brush onto pipework
  • Long working time enables larger, complex sections of pipes to be coated
  • Can be easily machined
  • Makes PCC-2 compliant repairs when used with SylWrap HD

Technical Data

Mix Ratio:
5:1 weight.
3:1 volume.

Gel Time:
90 minutes.

Re-coat Time:
4-8 hours.

Full Cure:
24-48 hours.

Thickness Per Coat:

Shore D Hardness:
>80 (24 hour full cure).

Tensile Strength:
28 MPa.

Compressive Strength:
59 MPa.

Flexural Strength:
58 MPa.

1.55 (gm/cm³).

Heat Distortion:
50°C cured at room temperature.
117°C post cured.

Maximum Service Temperature:

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Case Studies

Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating Case Studies

Repair Calculator

Liquid Metal Epoxy Coating Repair Calendar

The below Liquid Metal & Ceramic Brushable Coverage Calculator can be used to determine the quantity of Liquid Metal needed to coat a specific pipe, cylinder or surface area.

Enter the diameter of the pipe or the width of the repair area in millimetres, the length of the repair area and the coating thickness of Liquid Metal to be applied. The wastage percentage is how much Liquid Metal you expect to lose in the application.

Once you have entered your data, the calculator will show the amount of Liquid Metal required in kilograms. If you require further help with an application, please fill in the report form at the bottom of the calculation and a Sylmasta technician will get back to you.

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Titanium Supergrade HT Epoxy Paste

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Number of Repairs: Multiple
Work Time: 180 Minutes
Temperature Resistance: Up to 250°C

Sylmasta E190 Brushable Epoxy Resin

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Specialist resins can be formulated for temperature, chemical resistance, etc

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