Superfast Plastic Epoxy Putty Stick used to repair cracks in a PVC plastic bathroom sink drain pipe

Domestic Property Bathroom Sink PVC Plastic Drain Pipe Leak Repair

Keen to avoid having to go to the expense of hiring a plumber for a minor domestic plumbing problem, a homeowner instead makes a DIY repair to several small cracks in a PVC plastic pipe leaking in a cupboard below a bathroom sink.

Case Study Overview

Site Domestic property
Location UK
Pipe Type PVC Plastic bathroom pipe
Repair Type Leak repair
Products Superfast Plastic Epoxy Putty

Pipe Defect

The homeowner realised there was a problem when they noticed that the bathroom floor next to the cupboard below the sink was wet. After inspecting inside the cupboard, several small cracks were discovered in the PVC plastic drain pipe at the point it connected with the sink.

Keen to avoid having to go to the expense of hiring a plumber who may not be immediately available to fix the problem, the homeowner instead decided to seek a means to make a quick, straightforward and inexpensive DIY pipe repair.

Cracks in a PVC plastic bathroom sink pipe before undergoing repair with Superfast Plastic Epoxy Putty Stick
Several cracks had appeared in the pipe where it connected with the sink

SylWrap Solution

A Superfast Plastic Epoxy Putty Stick was used to make permanently seal the pipe. Superfast Plastic is specially formulated for use with all major plastic types, including PVC. It comes in an easy-to-use 114 stick format and sets white.

Before the repair began, the pipe was dried and cleaned. The required amount of putty was cut from the stick and kneaded by hand, turning from blue to white to indicate successful mixing.

Whilst soft, the putty was formed into a sausage-like shape and pushed against the pipe, covering all the holes. After 25 minutes, Superfast Plastic began to harden. Within 45 minutes, it had cured to provide a watertight seal, filling the cracks in the pipe.

Superfast Plastic formed into a sausage shape and pushed up against the pipe
Repair of a leaking PVC plastic bathroom sink pipe made using Superfast Plastic Epoxy Putty Stick
Complete repair with the pipe successfully sealed


Superfast Plastic achieves full properties after two hours, at which point the homeowner ran the tap on their sink. With no water escaping from the pipe and leaking into the cupboard as the sink drained, the repair had been a success.

Carrying out a DIY PVC plastic pipe repair using Superfast Plastic cost the homeowner under £20, including delivery. The repair was permanent and the putty blended in unnoticed with the rest of the pipe.

Follow Up

Superfast Plastic Epoxy Putty remains fresh for future use when saved in its original packaging. With the repair having required a small amount of putty from the stick, the homeowner was left with a ready supply of Superfast Plastic in the event of future leaks.

Products Used

Superfast Plastic
Epoxy putty which seals cracks on pipes made from all types of plastic, including PVC

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