Sylmasta AB epoxy putty has a long work time for carrying out large and complex pipe repairs
Sylmasta AB epoxy putty has a long work time for carrying out large and complex pipe repairs

Sylmasta AB Original Pipe Repair Epoxy Putty

Sylmasta AB Original is a ceramic-filled epoxy putty with a two-hour work time, enabling greater quantities of putty to be mixed and applied without the threat of premature curing in complex pipe repair applications.

AB Original seals large holes and cracks in pipes made of steel, iron, copper, PVC plastic, GRP, ceramic, concrete, lead, and rubber. It repairs gutters and downpipes, can be used for the encapsulation of leaking joints and sets to an ultra-smooth finish.

Where the exterior of a pipe has been damaged by corrosion or chemical attack, AB Original repairs surface damage and rebuilds weakened areas for improved pipeline integrity. It makes underwater repairs, offers excellent adhesion to wet surfaces and has high chemical resistance.

In chemically aggressive and harsh environments, AB Original works as a sacrificial layer to protect pipework. The longer work time makes AB Original ideal for use in warmer climates, where higher ambient temperatures cause faster working putties to cure off too quickly.

AB Original is available in a pre-measured 200g Epoxy Putty Stick or as a two-part putty, where resin and hardener are supplied as separate components which require measuring before mixing.

Three colours are available – white, black or grey as standard to match pipework. Further colour customisation is possible; please contact Sylmasta for more information.

AB Original contains no solvents or VOC’s, is non-flammable and releases no noxious fumes. It will not shrink or pull away when setting. The unused portion stays fresh for future use when saved in its original package.

For a faster curing version of AB, please see Sylmasta AB Rapid 5 Minute. It combines the two-part format of AB Original with the quick work time of a Superfast Epoxy Putty Stick.


How to repair damage and seal leaks on a pipe with Sylmasta AB Original Epoxy Putty

AB Original is applied by hand and manufactured in two formats. Where the resin and hardener are supplied as separate components, equal quantities of Part A and Part B are measured out by weight or volume and kneaded together until turning a uniform colour.

An AB Original Stick requires no measuring of separate parts. Simply cut off the required amount of Epoxy Putty and mix by hand. As the Putty kneaded, the two contrasting colours will blend into one to indicate successful mixing.

Whilst soft, AB Original is pushed into holes and cracks in pipework, where it will harden to seal leaks. For repairing surface damage, the putty is smoothed over weakened areas. It will bond to the pipe, fill in pitting and strengthen the pipeline by rebuilding outer wall thickness.

AB Original has a work time of between 90 minutes and two hours. A full cure is achieved in 24 hours. Once cured, it can be tapped, drilled, screwed, sawed, machined, ground, filed, or painted, to create a seamless finish uniform with the pipe undergoing repair. It will not rust.

To reinforce repairs made with AB Original, Sylmasta recommend overwrapping the Epoxy Putty with a SylWrap HD Pipe Repair Bandage. The Bandage offers a rock hard, impact resistant layer of protection.


  • Complex leak repair to pipes of all materials in industrial and domestic settings
  • Restoring integrity and surface profile by rebuilding areas of damage caused by corrosion and other environmental factors, increasing outer pipeline thickness
  • Damp, wet surface and underwater pipe repairs
  • Pipeline protection as a sacrificial layer in chemically aggressive environments
  • Sealing and encapsulation of leaking joints
  • Pipe repair in warmer climates where fast-working putties are accelerated by temperatures and cure off too quickly


  • Long work time minimises waste and enables more Putty to be mixed without the threat of premature curing
  • Easy to mix and apply by hand and provides ultra smooth finish
  • Effective underwater and to damp surfaces
  • Can be custom-made to colour match a specific repair

Technical Data

Working Time:
90-120 minutes at 20°C.

Full Cure:
24 hours.

Application Temperature:
+5°C to +35°C (Cure speed will be quicker above 35°C and slower below 5°C).

Service Temperature:
-20°C to +130°C continuous.
-20°C to +300°C intermittent (dry).

Shore D Hardness:

Tensile Strength:
24 MPa.

Compressive Strength:
80 MPa.

Lap Sheer Strength:
3.5 MPa (steel).

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Case Studies

Sylmasta AB Original Epoxy Putty Case Studies

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